Saturday, December 31, 2005

About T. Ina

Ten facts about T. Ina that you don't know (and now do) :
1) I'm a Pisces. That explains my love for water.
2) Eight is my favourite number (probably my lucky number too).
3) Almost lost one of my fingers when I was 6 - playing with the garden big scissor.
4) Used to work at launderette for a month when I was 16 during school holidays.
5) I was plump before got married.
6) I lost my beloved mum in 2001.
7) My 1st son was only 3 months old when I conceived the 2nd one.
8) I'm surrounded by male at home & at work. Can get crazeee sometimes.
9) I've never been to any work interviews.
10) Lastly, I've never played any musical instruments. Wonder why?

Favorite Sport : I love tennis and squash but I dont play them anymore. I love to swim but dont know how to float. Snorkelling is the best. I love hiking too.

Favourite Book : All sorts of Romance & Fantasies stories. Health, beauty, interior and fashion mags. Readable books.

Favourite Food : Western & Japanese. Laksa Asam, Asam Pedas & Asam Boi (is this food?!!)

Likes : Beaches.

Dislikes : Lies

Memorable Quotes : Without Friendship, Life is Nothing. (Cant remember who quote this but I hold it since I was little)

Friday, December 30, 2005

About Leilanie

Ten facts about Leilanie that you don't know (and now do) :

1) I had an open heart surgery when I was 6 at the Asian Heart Centre in the Philippines
2) I hide behind smiles and laughters (especially when I'm down and out)
3) It took me less than 2 hours to give birth to Emil (from the time I walked into the hospital to the time Emil popped out).
4) I'm a product of a mix-parentage (mom is from Philippines and dad is anak Malaysia)
5) I wish I am a writer
6) I'm pretty lazy when it comes to studying (though I still have this weird drive to pursue my PhD).... kenapa, yek?
7) I love to eat ......... I mean...... LURVE to eat
8) I drink a lot of water and that makes me go to the "angels room" almost every hour
9) I am a much stronger person now, than I was 15 years ago
10) I don't like politic; politicians and the likes.

Favorite Sport : Swimming

Favourite Book : Chic-Lits and humourous-romance kinda books.

Favourite Food : Sambal ikan bilis with kobis masak lomak!

Likes : Reading a book under a tree, by the seaside.

Dislikes : Rude and snobbish people

Memorable Quotes : "You cannot force a man to love you"
(dad's advise to me in the mid 90s).

The rest of all the other stuff about me..............
................ my crazy wonderful life......... well, you can nose around at :
My Blog
or come meet me at Facebook.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

About Nazura

Ten facts about Nazura that you don't know (and now do) :

  1. I was in the front page of Malay Mail back in 1992....... hahahahaha.... still couldn't figure out (until now) why I ended up doing that!
  2. I LOVE baking and cooking..... (if you haven't been to my blog yet, then this is something new...otherwise, just pretend that you are surprise when you read this ok?;
  3. Just like the other angels, I'm a food goddess! I LOVE eating... cakes, ice creams, pasta, all the fat-content food....yumm yumm;
  4. My dream is to own a cafe.... something like Starbucks or Coffee Bean, or probably just a cozy restaurant where people can sit down and unwind;
  5. I think I need to attend an anger management class..... %$&%^&*^;
  6. Coffee is on my mind DAILY.... yes, Imma coffee junkie!
  7. I hate hospitals, nurses, doctors and the likes!.... 
  8. I don't like boat rides.... makes me dizzy, but I love going to islands!.... how lah??
  9. I've always wanted a toned (may be muscular a bit) body $#%&*!?... yea I know that was just a DREAM... a BIG one! .... and last but not least
  10. Can't live without rice for more than 2 days..... !

Favorite Sport : Nothing in particular but I love to swim, jog and cycle.... and I enjoy snorkeling too!

Favourite Book : I read INFERNO recently ...  but I read all kinds of book actually..... and magazines.. and cook books... etc etc etc

Favourite Food : All the good & fatty food... pizza, pasta, BBQ ribs, grilled salmon, all kinds of desserts.....

Likes : Beach and palm trees and sunset!!!!!!!! How romantic!

Dislikes : .... *thinking*

Memorable Quotes : Hmmm.... *thinking* .. again

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Selamat Datang

Hi !

Tunku Ina, Zura and Leilanie, have decided to create this blog for all women............ (and men); where we'll share with you tips and ideas on fashion, relationship, health, lifestyle, vacation, etc.

We believe that life is to be enjoyed to the fullest - especially with our loved ones by our side.

At the same time, we believe that, as a woman, we should treat ourselves right, eat right, dress right, think right and earn the respect that we deserve, in the every possible right way.

We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do - in creating it.

Take a deep breath, exhale and smile.......................
and so are YOU.