Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Color Combinations

Every night before going to bed, we'll be wondering what to wear the next day for work. Standing in front of the wardrobes, flipping one by one, figuring what to wear and which color should go with another. Most often, what's the go-to color in most women's wardrobes? Black, of course. Well, it is a universally flattering shade that works for any occasion, on any body type, and for any item of clothing but the problem: Wearing black (or the black-and-one-color combo) every day can get boring and predictable.

Lets break out of the shell by trying some new color combinations -- combinations that look fresh, stylish, and way more chic than black. Here the ones we can try out:

Brown and Pink
Standard thinking was that brown, a warm shade, should be worn with other warm neutrals; and pink, a cool shade, should team up with other cool colors or black. Not anymore. Wearing brown and pink together is sophisticated and feminine. We love the look of brown trousers with a pink or rose button-down or sweater. Pair with shiny brown boots and a glossy, brown leather belt.

Navy and Orange
When you think of navy, you think classic, demure, and traditional. And when you think of orange, you think dramatic, funky, and sporty. We love wearing the two together for a classically sporty look. Your best bet: Pair navy trousers with a simple orange sweater shell or long-sleeved silk tee; top with a navy blazer for a modern take on a suit. On your feet, go for navy or black oxfords, or, if you're feeling really funky, orange-accented trainers.

Burgundy and Red
Usually paired with black, burgundy and red look striking when worn together. A great way to do this: Top a burgundy tee or shell with a red hoodie or zip-up sweater. Wear the combo with jeans and sneakers for an old-school look.

Charcoal and Yellow
Most of us tend to pair charcoal -- a bold, smoky color -- with an equally strong, cool shade, like red, white, or black. But you can soften charcoal's bold effect by wearing it with lemon yellow. To try the pair, go for a charcoal skirt topped with a lemon yellow cashmere V-neck. Pair with dark tights and knee-high boots.

Chocolate and Baby Blue
Like the combo of brown and pink, chocolate and baby blue make a chic, sophisticated pair. One fun way to try this look: Top a pair of baby-blue corduroys with a chunky chocolate cardigan. Or try the look for work by wearing a baby-blue sweater under a chocolate suit.
So, lets shop for those colors and try it yourself...

Courtesy of - Ladies Home Journal


Leilanie said...

My latest craze is the combination of BROWN and PINK. I have this pink french-sleeved shirt that I pair-up with my straight-cut brown pants.
I think I look nice in them.
(hee hee - muka tak malu).

I must try NAVY BLUE and ORANGE. I've been wearing this orange tank top with my black pants. But next time, I will definitely try it with my navy blue pants.

Thanks Ina.

NAH said...

Years ago, I used to have loads and loads of navy blue, white and black working outfit. Then, I started to try other colors too (mostly to go with dark pants or skirts) like peppermint green, baby blue, lilac, light red & salmon red. Actually they look quite nice & I look nice in them too (hehehe... nak perasan jugak like Leilanie). But the difficult part is to get the matching tudung.... then I would go all around Shah Alam searching for the right colors.

Sexy Momma said...

Hi Girls!
Great job you've done here...unique approach to blogging...Keep up the good work...alamak bunyi macam cikgu pulak!

Leilanie said...

Hi Cikgu,
nice to have you come visit us.

err..... can score "A" or not?

Eyna said...

Hi Lanie, Zura and Cikgu SM..

Normally I just buy what I see nice regardless the color but then barulah terkial-kial nak carik color combination.. hehe. This color combinations really help kan..

nad said...

good colour combination :) i pun kalau membeli, just get any colours yg menarik bila balik baru sibuk2 cari warna apa nak match ehehe but sometimes black is flattering esp to hide all those spare tyres ehehehhehhe

Zetty said...

Brown and Pink combination is great. I've tried the brown and baby blue combo pun nice jugak.

Now, going to try the charcoal and yellow.

Leilanie said...

Somehow, the Charcoal and Yellow combo reminds me of Bond-girl(s).
Don't know why.

hmm.... I must try, too.

Eyna said...

I notice there's no purple color combination. Coz today, I'm wearing Purple with Grey/Charcoal pants. Hmmm.. looks nice jugak.. (kira masuk bakul angkat sendiri lah ni.. hehe)

Sexy Momma said...

Cikgu SM bagi A++++. After this we all don't have to spend money buying Oprah's magazine yang mahal gile tu...

Leilanie said...

hee hee....
malu kena compare ngan Oprah.

woo hoo.....
Step over Oprah
Hello Angels!

kimi azhan said...

I am a fan of BROWN & PINK and BURGUNDY & RED. Will try to explore the other combinations as well...

True, as what Nah said, the difficult part is to match the tudung. My mom always use the safe approach - have lots of cream/beige and black/brown tudung.. they can become handy!

adekmanis said...

Any suggestions for deep purple? Cos i have this pair of purple satin shoes that goes with absolutely nothing at all. Huargh.

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