Tuesday, January 17, 2006


It is true that many people hide behind a great smile, yet they may be going through the most difficult times in their lives.

Some of you who are reading this may have just had a fight with your partner/husband this morning (or last night), have credit cards bills and whatever bills that you've yet to pay (and the collection agencies are bugging your every serene time), a family member is ill, your child has low self-esteem and worst still your child does not want to follow instructions, you may be going through a divorce, or you dread going to work to face your silly boss (or that bitch sitting next to you) or you may just be feeling dull about nothing (it does happen!).

Sometimes, you need not really discover what it is that is making you feel lousy - but you know you are because you can't seem to smile, you get agitated over little things, the phone rings and you say, "damn-it", you feel like you need to drive fast and furious in order to feel better about controlling the wheels, and you just want everybody else to go "fuck-off!" (oopss.... excuse me for the f-language).

Remember, when you feel "lousy" about yourself...... there's a bad aura that goes around with you, thus, the bad karma snowballs to other things and onto other people. And most of the time, the people you hurt most is the people closest to you.
(do you realise that?).

It is surprising to note that the power of the "mind" is an amazing tool which many fail to use because they are too coup-up with the problem itself. Different people seek and response to different kinds of pick-me-uppers, some rejoice over songs
(i.e. "R.E.S.P.E.C.T" and "I Will Survive", or "Dancing Queen" or even "Oh Carol"),
some over books, others over a window-shopping extravaganza, while some would pop in a DVD and watch a funny movie.

However, the most dreading is that, not only you feel like you've just got hit by a train, but worst still is when you didn't even notice the train closing on you.
You can't seem to identify what is it that ticks-you-off and what is it that picks-you-up.

Frustrating, isn't it?

If you're feeling down and you feel depress 24x7, you need to find the one thing that can make you feel at ease. I too, have had my share of depressing days........ and in transferring the frustration into a vacuum, I seek solace in either a :
i) funny romantic book
ii) funny romantic movie

The bottom line is.......... it should be able to make you forget about the pain, it should make you laugh, the least, it should make you smile.
I know it'll only be temporary - but temporary is better than 24-7!
Remember....... you need to channel your frustration into the vacuum; keep it away from your loved ones and things will snowball positively with your smiles.

Note :
Oh, by the way - treating yourself to a simple facial, or colouring your hair (drastic colour change) can also lift up your depressed self.

So come on....... take a deep breath, exhale.........
.............. channel out the bad vibes and bring in the positive aura.
hmmm.......... it aint't that bad after all, is it?

Life is Beautiful.


Sexy Momma said...

My temporary pain reliever:
1.Shopping (Window shopping enough sometimes when there's no ke-ching!)
2. Food...Glorious food

Leilanie said...

Ayo, SexyMomma.....
at the end of the day,it's all about ke-ching!

P/s : Since the recent report from MoH, I have stopped munching on my made-in-china-kuaci. I missed it.
(it's a cheap way to splash my ke-ching on such a simple food galore). hee hee

naddy said...

feeling down... for me i'll go for:

1) shopping or window shopping
2) ice cream
3) speeding (it does helps, tho not adviseable la kan ehehhe)

NAH said...

I guess shopping & eating are the most common pain relievers for women eh? I guess I'm not alone in this planet after all!

naddy said...

yeah shopping n eating... GO GO GO tapi eating part makes me FAT ahahaha

kimi azhan said...

Ladies... I'm with you guys all the way..

a. chocolate
b. chocolate/strawberry ice-cream
c. chocolate/cheese cake
d. window shopping and ends it with having either (a),(b)or(c)

Notice how many times the word chocolate appear? This signifies my love for chocolate - my favourite - Rafaello!

I discover years ago (when I was 19 or 20 I think), in a health guide book (am sure you guys also know this fact), researchers has found that there is substance in chocolate that helps to reduce stress level... so long live chocolate for me!!

Anonymous said...

There's got to be a better way than watching a romantic comedy... tried that, the temporary relief works but then what?!? window shopping never worked for me. Chocolate and food, come on! with the obesity rate, don't going to do that to myself... Tried the whole drink your night cap to fall asleep then u wake up and still toss in turn. Isn't there a better way??

Angel said...

nice one! such a feel-good post! :)