Friday, December 30, 2005

About Leilanie

Ten facts about Leilanie that you don't know (and now do) :

1) I had an open heart surgery when I was 6 at the Asian Heart Centre in the Philippines
2) I hide behind smiles and laughters (especially when I'm down and out)
3) It took me less than 2 hours to give birth to Emil (from the time I walked into the hospital to the time Emil popped out).
4) I'm a product of a mix-parentage (mom is from Philippines and dad is anak Malaysia)
5) I wish I am a writer
6) I'm pretty lazy when it comes to studying (though I still have this weird drive to pursue my PhD).... kenapa, yek?
7) I love to eat ......... I mean...... LURVE to eat
8) I drink a lot of water and that makes me go to the "angels room" almost every hour
9) I am a much stronger person now, than I was 15 years ago
10) I don't like politic; politicians and the likes.

Favorite Sport : Swimming

Favourite Book : Chic-Lits and humourous-romance kinda books.

Favourite Food : Sambal ikan bilis with kobis masak lomak!

Likes : Reading a book under a tree, by the seaside.

Dislikes : Rude and snobbish people

Memorable Quotes : "You cannot force a man to love you"
(dad's advise to me in the mid 90s).

The rest of all the other stuff about me..............
................ my crazy wonderful life......... well, you can nose around at :
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Zetty said...

"You cannot force a man to love you"

How true. I will remember that forever.

Leilanie said...

Hi Zetty,
I'm so happy to see you here.
(well, literally speaking lah kan!).

Yep.......... he's a wise man, he is.


Anonymous said...

Just thinking of college days n googled ur name n tis came out. I can be reached at

Leilanie said...

Simon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aik, I owe you a phone call.
Soon,... soon.

Anonymous said...

You still married?