Tuesday, September 12, 2006

About Kimi

I must really thanks the "pioneers" of Pourtavie, for inviting me to be part of the team. However I am not a good writer who is always full of ideas... there are times when my blog was really really outdated! But this reunion of ladies, hopefully will give me the strength and courage to write more, for benefits of all. To complete the tradition, here are the "about kimi" entry, that I have promised Leilanie last Friday!

Ten facts about Kimi that you don't know (and now do)
1. I love arts (drawings, movies, stage drama or theatre play, musical entertainment etc..), but cannot afford the time & money - how?
2. I have always dream of becoming a lawyer, but end up studying Maths! What went wrong, I also have no idea!
3. It took the doctors 3 hours to complete the "stitching exercise" after I gave birth to my first daughter!
4. I have 2 step mums and a total of 15 siblings altogether!
5. I hate protocol so much that I have to "live" with it now for the rest of my life!
6. I love sewing....with my hands, not using the sewing machine!
7. I can do quality based training (technical programs like Six Sigma, QCC, 5S, Project Tools etc), and I can also conduct soft skills training (Train the Trainer, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills etc)..... and some of my colleagues think I'm crazy... do I?
8. I wish to go to perform Haj in Mekah before I'm 40 yrs old....and the clock is ticking!
9. I have a very CONSERVATIVE husband and very attached to his children, and yet he's very modern & up-to-date with all the latest IT gadget and the state-of-the-art of everything that he buys, he uses, or he likes..... Hmmm... ever wonder where I found this rare species? Read my blog!
10. With reference to my no 9 item, I want to be a housewife, do all typical hosework, BUT have a part time job that I enjoy the money & doing it at my own convenient time. And I must have a maid at home if I'm going to be so, as I can't afford to leave my kids without adult supervision!

Favourite sports: Swimming, badminton, riding bicycle

Favourite books: Judith McNaught (influence of my sis, Che Aa), Sophie Kinsella (thanks to Leilanie), Reader's Digest (started to read in 1989 as an order from my dad) and any Six Sigma related books (the technical side of me...)

Favourite foods: "Keropok" (all range, from keropok lekor to potato chips)

Likes: Honesty, trust and faith

Dislikes: Dishonest and touble-maker people

Memorable Quotes: You can't change the direction of the winds, but you can change the direction of your sails to always reach your destinations! (source - unknown, more of cannot remember!)


n said...

eh u pun ada 2 stepmums? eheh sama la, well one dah kena divorced (yeay)... so tinggal 1 je lah lagi :)

DNAS said...

Bila I berlakon teater, I nak character step mum... hmmmmm....

rasa macam baca resume le. Promo ke? hihihihi. I know... I know... u're planning to be a permanent temp. Boleh spend more time at home, kan?

kimi azhan said...

Naddy....having step mums -lucky us or unlucky us? One thing for sure, pengalaman jadi anak 1st wife make me what I am now, indirectly, ada juga hikmah disebalik my dad's 2nd & 3rd marriage.

Dee.... marketing is an art! "Permanent temp" is my KPI to my hubby... so jgn ingat kat rumah takde PMS (perf. mgmt system, not the other PMS, makcik masih muda you)! hehehe..

n said...

kimi, yeah true... i'm from the 1st marriage too... since i was 4, my dad kawin lain and bad experience with my 2nd stepmum mum which make me really2 hate all those perampas... with my 3rd one, i know bila i in for 4, so mmg susah nak terima... but now ok lah, nak kata rapat giler x la but boleh la bercakap... adik tiri(2nd mum's daughter) pun ada la sorang ikut perangai mak dia... yang lain2 ok lah...