Saturday, December 31, 2005

About T. Ina

Ten facts about T. Ina that you don't know (and now do) :
1) I'm a Pisces. That explains my love for water.
2) Eight is my favourite number (probably my lucky number too).
3) Almost lost one of my fingers when I was 6 - playing with the garden big scissor.
4) Used to work at launderette for a month when I was 16 during school holidays.
5) I was plump before got married.
6) I lost my beloved mum in 2001.
7) My 1st son was only 3 months old when I conceived the 2nd one.
8) I'm surrounded by male at home & at work. Can get crazeee sometimes.
9) I've never been to any work interviews.
10) Lastly, I've never played any musical instruments. Wonder why?

Favorite Sport : I love tennis and squash but I dont play them anymore. I love to swim but dont know how to float. Snorkelling is the best. I love hiking too.

Favourite Book : All sorts of Romance & Fantasies stories. Health, beauty, interior and fashion mags. Readable books.

Favourite Food : Western & Japanese. Laksa Asam, Asam Pedas & Asam Boi (is this food?!!)

Likes : Beaches.

Dislikes : Lies

Memorable Quotes : Without Friendship, Life is Nothing. (Cant remember who quote this but I hold it since I was little)


Leilanie said...

So, please explain how you got your 1st & present job, ni?
hee hee

Eyna said...

It was way back in 1994, when this present company was newly set up in Wisma Consplant, they were looking for someone to handle administration. My boss got a list of secretarial graduates from ITM, called me, offered me the job thru the phone and came to my dad's former restaurant to meet me. Isnt that cool!.. Haha..

And this boss of mine happened to be in same squadron with my dad when both of them were in the Army.

I wonder what wud be the most favourite questions the interviewers like to ask nowadays?

Leilanie said...

haa haa.
Good for you!

One of the most common one :
"What is your greatest strength and how will you use that to perform your duties with our company".