Tuesday, September 05, 2006

About DNAS

I am just a simple minded 30 plus woman who loves
performing arts. I was actively involved with theatres
during my teenage years and had to quit it during my
uni days due to time constraint and a very demanding
boyfriend (ex). LOL.

I have been a field engineer in the IT industry for
the past 8 years and now still deciding whether I
should stick with it or start doing something more
refreshing and fulfilling.

My passion to write came naturally during my primary
school years when my late father bought me a typewriter
after I scored straight As during my Penilaian
Darjah Lima exam. That was when I started learning
touch typing and after about a month I found myself
typing poems and short stories.

My masterpieces made it to the school magazines, but
I never found the courage to actually post them to
any of the commercial magazine editors or publishers.
When I was in Form Four I actually attended a
workshop on writing short stories that was so
inspiring and helped me a lot in writing.

My blogging activity started in June 2005, after
I officially resigned from my previous company. Those
were the days when I was going through the hardest
transition period ever. Maybe for some people,
changing job is just so normal but for me it was
such a trying time, that I had to find a therapy
by blogging.

The main reason I changed job was to concentrate in
raising my 2 sons and spend more time with my
husband. We've been married for more than 5 years then
and yet I felt like there was so much more
that I don't know about him. Rather than keep on
drifting apart from each other, I decided that the
old job was not worth keeping, regardless of how
much they were willing to pay.

So, now here I am in this blogosphere, sharing my
thoughts and ideas with you towards a better world for
us all. I hope my writings will inspire all women
(men as well) out there to face the challenges in our
daily lives so that whenever you're down or troubled
or confused you'll know which URL can help you find
an answer. I might not have the answers, but perhaps I
can help you find the peace of mind so that you can
start thinking.

Finally a really big thank you to the 3 angels who
invited me to blog here.


Leilanie said...

It is you that we need to thank you for agreeing to join us to make this blog more alive.

welcome welcome.

P/s :
ader lagi your typerwriter, kah?
pasti klassik, ehh....

DNAS said...

Yes, I still have the typewriter and it is fully functional.

I wonder why my son did not have 'typewriter' in his birthday wish list. :)

Leilanie said...

Because he's not stuck in the 80's!
- which is a good thing -
hee hee

rose said...

awak batch mana eh? sama batch ngan Fadil & Bidin ke?

Peragawati said...

akak. cuba wat bisneess internet mcm irfan khiri tu..i dah gi seminar dia kt Marriot KL..mmg bagus sgt..